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4G/5G Broadband

taking internet to rural areas

Complete kit with Core, Radios and CPEs for your provider to monetize in regions where the fiber does not reach.

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4G/5G Industrial

for Ports, Warehouses and Factories

Complete kit with Core, Radios and CPEs for your provider monetizes by taking connection to industrial and port areas.

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Disaggregated Solutions

Freedom and Technology in favor of your business

Open BNG

an open and disaggregated broadband network gateway telecommunications infrastructure project

TIP OpenBNG is an initiative within the Disaggregated Open Routers (DOR) subgroup of the Open Optical & Packet Transport (OOPT) Project Group. The initiative was founded in 2020 and Venko is a signatory.

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Performance without Vendor Lock-In

Wide range of white Network Appliances boxes to increase performance and Capex reduction with multiple functions.

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Software-based gateway

Expansion of network capacity.
Choice of hardware suppliers.
x86 servers cost much more lows.

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IPv4 Connectivity

with high performance and transparency

Next-generation vCGNAT for your provider to escape the IPV4 address bottleneck.

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to make more profit by investing less

Offer up to symmetric 10Gbps, increasing ticket, retaining customers and investing less than you imagine.

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Open OLT

Freedom and Performance

Completely open equipment and high performance compatible with any ONUs.

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Venko’s R&D

- R&D Augmentation for new products and platforms
- Networking | Protocols | Software Oriented
- Quality assurance
- Customers in +10 countries

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Open, Disaggregated, with Global Presence
and Local Support

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