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Research and Development

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Research and Development

Venko has in its DNA a strong experience in Research and Development, having formed a team of engineers with a long hands-on history in complex projects involving IP/MPLS, xPON (OLT, ONU, OMCI, BAL) technologies, networking protocols and interfaces.

We currently serve international clients in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia on specialized development projects.

Countries with our solutions include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Israel, India and Japan.

Map of the countries with our solutions

Some of our P&D clients

logotipo Ip Infusion
logotipo Netsia
logotipo Argela
Turk Telecom logotipo
Harmonic logotipo
logotipo Padtec
logotipo Parks
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