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Instantly Connect, Orchestrate and Provision Any Network Element

Symphonica allows you to integrate your BSS/ERP/Billing System to any network technology with a few clicks, and easily design custom automated provisioning workflows. No coding required.​

Service Lifecycle Management is a key success factor for Digital Transformation.​

Digital business is challenging CSPs’ traditional business and operating models that have previously been focused on quality and reliability and must now transform for agility and innovation at scale.​

Today, there is a real opportunity for CSPs to introduce a highly automated and dynamic approach to service operations. The use of cloud technologies, network virtualization and software-based platforms provides the framework to align network operations to IT practices.​

Whether you are looking to increase agility through automation, modernize your operations or embrace digital transformation, we have you covered.​

The Three Essential Pillars

Zero-Touch Automation

Improve Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

Rapid Service Design

Faster Innovation and Time to Market

Web-Scale Agility

Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs

Let’s take a look at everything you can do

Service Management and Orchestration

Gerenciamento e Orquestração de Serviços

SDN/NFV Orchestration

Acesso B2B & Backhaul XGS-PON

Infrastructure Management and Orchestration

Convivência com legado

Main Features​

Nativa da nuvem
Cloud Native​

Symphonica is cloud-native, designed for scalability, operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization following the five pillars of the AWS well-architected framework.

Plataforma sem codigo
No-code Platform

TIt is a no-code platform where you can build, deploy, maintain and evolve your service orchestration, provisioning and management processes without writing a single line of code.

Multi Vendor

Symphonica is a multi-domain and multi-vendor solution designed to orchestrate, activate and manage any service across physical, virtual and cloud network infrastructure.

Com base em padroes
Based on Standards

It is standard-based aligned with TM Forum Open APIs and entities providing rapid integration with existing systems and building a future-proof and open platform.

Services & Applications

✓ Service Design ✓ Service and Resource Catalog
✓ Open APIs ✓ Service Order and Resource Orchestration
✓ Service Provisioning / Activation ✓ Service Inventory Management
✓ Telemetry Collection (polling-based & streaming) ✓ Closed-Loop Automation
✓ Management Portal ✓ Mobile Application (add-on for field tech assistance)